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SNIDE Industries are experimenting with Dark Energy and Dark Matter. Unfortunately something goes wrong in the lab and an explosion causes some Dark Matter to mix with some genetic material! This causes a explosive reaction and the Amorphs are born! Now they must escape SNIDE Industries before it's too late! Will you be able to help them?

  • Boing is the leader of the Amorphs and is super bouncy. He can split himself into 4 bouncing balls to so he get to hard to reach places.
  • Boom always has a frown upon his face. He has an explosive temperament literally! He can blow up objects that are in the way.
  • The coolest of the gang. Chilly can freeze objects to make them slide all over the place.
  • Mags is the attractive Amorph. Her magnetic powers can pull levers and control metal canisters!
  • Indie is the toughest of them all. Her indestructible shield can withstand fire, electricity and acid!
  • *Grav is the crazy one! I guess creating Black Holes and White Holes can do that too you!


  • 140 mind bending levels for you to solve.
  • 7 Different Zones - each with a different mechanic.
  • 7 Bosses at the end of each zone to defeat in a none violent way!
  • Score system based on time - how fast can you complete each level?

***Patch Notes - 1.3.0***

  • Put a hint on 2-6
  • Put a hint on 3-9
  • New font for the menus
  • Added 2 extra shots on 3-9
  • Added extra shot on 3-10
  • Edited credits
  • Corrected some grammar mistakes in the cutscenes
  • Added space bar to fire


This was originally developed by Spiller Studios (myself and Matthew Speshington) but Spiller Studios has now been dissolved. I own the rights to the game so I have released it for free under my new game studio ShallByte Games! Enjoy!

Install instructions

Run installer and follow instructions.

Once the game has loaded to improve graphics select level of Anti Aliasing in the options menu - default is disabled.


AmorphEscape- 48 MB

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